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D-C: Aurora Brennan by chiyokins D-C: Aurora Brennan by chiyokins

A S L E E P:

Goes By: Iris
Dream Age: 20
Dream Gender/Sex: Female
Dream Height: 5'10"
Weapon: Exploding Blowing Bubbles
As Iris, Aurora is more adventurous and extroverted than her real self. In contrast, she's more verbal and often establishes physical contact by holding hands or touching a shoulder with people she cares about. Iris is the person that Aurora desperately wants to be: more sociable and confident. It also seems like Iris knows all the right things to say in contrast to Aurora's constant self-doubt.

Iris is still new to the dream.

A W A K E:

Name: Aurora Brennan
Age: 23 24
Gender/Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"
Aurora is quiet and reserved by nature, but don't think that doesn't mean that there's not a lot she wants to say. She's a columnist for the local paper and lets her writing speak for her. She is determined and highly opinionated, and although she doesn't like to speak out, she WILL let you know if she has something to say either by discussing it privately with you or via email. She puts a lot of thought into what she writes and similarly takes time to think out what she wants to say before she says it. Some may think she's slow, but in truth she is a perfectionist and wants her words to come across in a specific manner. She is meticulous and is known for her neatness.

Aurora was born to a lower-middle-class family in the city and spent her entire life living in a small apartment with her parents and little sister Rose. When her sister was born, Aurora quickly got stuck with babysitting duties and learned how to become more responsible. Her mother was always nit-picking Aurora on her weight and how she presented herself to the point where Aurora sincerely developed a lack of self-confidence. Her sister, Rose, on the other hand, was doted upon by their father and took after her father in appearance and demeanor. Of the two, it seemed that Rose was the favorite of their parents.
Going to school was no different. Aurora often disappeared into the student body and spent more time in the library reading than socializing with others. When her English teacher read her first essay at the beginning of her middle school year, he suggested that she join the school newspaper. She was quickly accepted for her skill with words as well as her subtle wit and references. Being a part of the school newspaper quickly consumed her free time and her joy towards writing and having her writing appreciated went a long way for her. She decided then, in middle school, that she was going to write for the city paper.
Her high school years flew by. She made friends with her fellow columnists and was often sought out for proofing articles before publishing them. She became the Editor of the school newspaper. After graduating, she attended a small community college while working part-time in an office as a clerk. After receiving a raise and promotion from the office for her neatness and ability to improve efficiency, she took a break from school and worked full-time to save up money for transfer to a University. After saving up a decent amount, she took out a loan from the bank and went to University full-time. She graduated in two years with a double major in English and Psychology.
After college, Aurora resumed working at the office to pay off her school loans while working on her portfolio of written articles to present to the city paper. After receiving a letter of recommendation from one of her college professors and from the teacher in charge of her high schools newspaper, she successfully attained a job writing small filler articles about some rather mundane things at the local paper. It's not where she wants to be yet, but she is determined to work her way up to become the Editor of the paper someday.

- She used to keep a journal while she was in elementary school, but stopped when a bully stole it and read select bits of her journal in front of others.
- She doesn't drink and doesn't approve of those who drink. When she has to go to a party for the paper, she asks for a mineral water or cranberry juice.
- After dealing with some weight issues during her school years, she's under a very strict diet and working on getting in shape. She often reviews facts for her articles while on a treadmill.
- Many people don't seem to know how she manages to get so much done.
- She has been accused of being a robot, to which she replied "If I were a robot, you'd be out of a job."
- She moved out of her parents' apartment when she went to University. Although her sister Rose has asked to move in with her now that she's entered a four-year University, Aurora instead found a small apartment for Rose to move into on her own.
Aurora only goes to see her family during holidays and rarely contacts them.
- She relaxes by taking a nice long bubble bath and curling up with a novel. Of course, she has a small plastic shelf that goes across the bathtub where she can put her book so that it doesn't get wet.
- Her vice is romance novels.
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Aw yeah. Look at this cutie. First app in the group(that isn't a Guardian).
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<3 Thanks so much, hon! I'm happy with how she turned out. I stayed up far too late to finish her though. XD
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